Traceability of Food Products in Global Gastronomic Tourism


The role of wine and food products in tourism is multiform and complex. Throughout human history, food has not just been a means of subsistence, but has often become an element for authentic experience, socialising and hospitality. Within the context of global tourism, enogastronomy determines the qualitative level of the offer. It can be said that nowadays the package of goods destined for tourism is enriched by a new attribute, that of quality food, which has taken on a social aspect: more and more tourists travel to specific destinations because of good food. Traceability and protection brands are, without doubt, indicators for measuring the quality of food. The propensity to purchase and consume “traced” food were analysed with specific reference to olive oil. Data were collected through a 500Hz binocular remote eye-tracking system and analysed with SPSS software.


Traceability; Eye Tracking System; Consumer Behaviour; Protection Brands; Olive Oil; Global Tourism; Enogastronomy

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