Intesa Sanpaolo Circular Economy Plafond: how to Support Companies’ Transformation


  • Anna Monticelli



Circular Economy, Credit Facility, Credit Risk, Circular Criteria, Sector and Metrics


The present development model, born with the industrial revolution, has been extremely successful in supporting growth, innovation, wealth for hundreds of years. But not for all the Countries and not for all the people, in an equal way. A new paradigm is envisaged to transform the development model through an economy that follows the same principles used by the Nature and that aims to reconnect business and society. A Circular Economy, regenerative by design and committed to design out waste and pollution, through innovation in materials, in production processes and moreover in business models, is a big opportunity for companies and financial institutions, if they transform the way they’re doing business. Intesa Sanpaolo is committed in re-thinking financial instruments and processes to support companies and accelerate a systemic transformation, within the limits of our Planet, focusing on thrive for all more than on growth for someone.




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Monticelli, A. (2020). Intesa Sanpaolo Circular Economy Plafond: how to Support Companies’ Transformation. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 117–128.