The New European Industrial Strategy and the Company’s Organization Models


  • Riccardo Cappellin



European Economy, Industrial Strategy, Modern Companies, Territory, Governance


A new growth strategy for the European economy should be based on the
following principles:
‒ new production must be driven by the internal demand for investment and
consumption, both private and public, and not only by exports, given an
increasingly fragmented and declining global market,
‒ industrial policies and the companies should be tightly embedded in the
various regions and cities of the European territory and aim to respond to
the emerging and still latent needs of the citizens and to a better
environmental quality and quality life of the citizens.
‒ the reconversion from productions to new productions, where the demand
increases, require a greater effort in not only technological innovations, but
also organizational, social and institutional innovation, based on improved
education of the workers and on networks of collaborations between
companies, universities, public administration and communities of citizens.




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