Market-Driven Winners


  • George S. Day



Market-Driven Management, Market-Driven Organizations, Market Orientation, Customer Orientation, Competitor Orientation


Who will prosper in today’s environment of rapid and unpredictable change? Some would say that newcomers will have an advantage because they have no history to overcome or earnings to protect. There are many examples of upstarts
who have used a superior market orientation to gain significant advantage over incumbents with far greater resources.
It is not size or history that counts, but a superior ability to understand, attract and keep their valuable customers. In other words, the winning firms – whatever other advantage they may have – will also be market driven.
Becoming market driven is not something that is done quickly or easily. It cannot be delegated to the marketing department for it requires the willing involvement of all functions. Many firms will take up the market-driven banner but will not
succeed either because of a shortage of knowledge or a lack of determination.
It is a far-reaching and fundamental change for many organizations, requiring them to abandon the very traditions that contributed to their past success.

Author Biography

George S. Day

Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania




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