Corporate Culture and Global Competition. The Honda Philosophy


  • Umberto Furlan



Corporate Culture, Global Management, Global Competition, Honda Philosophy, Corporate Governance, Global Markets, The Profile of Honda Motor Co. Ltd.


Honda is engaged in business activities on a global scale. It is necessary for Honda associates worldwide to understand, respect, share and implement a unifying philosophy. This philosophy should be the base of action and judgment for
all companies and associates within the Honda Group.
Honda’s car and motorbike businesses can grow more quickly and utilize those core values that are not already realized, by constantly creating occasions for a meeting of minds globally, understanding, supporting in a patient and constructive
The center of Honda’s philosophy is the Company Principle, which was written in 1956. Underlying the Company Principle are two fundamental beliefs: Respect for the Individual; and the Three Joys.

Author Biography

Umberto Furlan

Executive Vice President, Honda Automobili Italia SpA




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