Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development


  • Paolo Ricotti



Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Development, Competitiveness, Global Corporations, Global Markets


Corporate responsibility marks a historical turnaround in corporate culture because it attributes to it a role in which many costs externalised by the company to society and to the planet, but in fact produced directly or indirectly by it. A correct cultural approach and greater familiarity, particularly with the issues of manufacturing processes and products that have no impact on the environment, can make companies truly responsible and conscious of their role. Corporate Responsibility differs from Corporate Social Responsibility. The former represents the corporate ‘system’ (capital, human resources, suppliers, processes, products, communication, customers, etc.), while the latter refers to the ‘system’ of stakeholders (the community, institutions, associations, etc.).

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Paolo Ricotti

Planet Life Economy Foundation, President




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Ricotti, P. (2003). Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 84–98.