The Professional Rugby Experience in England and Italy


  • Howard Thomas
  • Francesco Cavatorti
  • Alessandro Fino



Rugby, Sport Management, Events, Marketing, The Premier Rugby League, The Rugby Marketing Pyramid, Italian Rugby League, Global Markets


The Premier Rugby League is made up of 12 professional clubs. Its mission is to promote professional rugby in England. In fulfilling this mission, it bases all activities on the League’s founding principles: a ‘large virtual family’ with values such as moral integrity. This strong sense of aggregation is a feature of the rugby community. The spirit of collaboration has also developed at the international level - formalised by an agreement with The Italian Rugby League-LIRE (Lega Italiana
Rugby Eccellenza). Twinning between LIRE and Premier League means organisational and technical strengthening for each of their Clubs.

Author Biographies

Howard Thomas

Chief Executive Officer Premier Rugby League

Francesco Cavatorti

General Secretary Lega Italiana Rugby Eccellenza

Alessandro Fino

Marketing Dept. Lega Italiana Rugby Eccellenza




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Thomas, H., Cavatorti, F., & Fino, A. (2004). The Professional Rugby Experience in England and Italy. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 81–88.