Trade, Over-Supply and Global Markets. The Coop Italia Case


  • Vincenzo Tassinari



Retailers, Modern Retail Trends, Retail Shares in Italy, Trade, Global Markets, Over-Supply, Marketing, The Coop Italia Case


With globalization, new retail strategies have emerged, sectors are more concentrated and, in most countries, big retailers have gained large market share. In global markets, the search for new competitive advantages pushed retailers to pursue new strategies: internationalization, cost leadership, commercial and technological innovations, new relationships with suppliers and the market. Coop leadership in Italian retail market does not derive exclusively from its market share; the positive economic results of the Coop system are the fruit of heavy investments on corporate identity. Coop private label plays a relevant role in this context.

Author Biography

Vincenzo Tassinari

Coop Italia, President




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Tassinari, V. (2005). Trade, Over-Supply and Global Markets. The Coop Italia Case. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 31–35.