Ensuring Sustainable Value from Consultants


  • Fiona Czerniawska




Management Consulting, Consulting, Consulting Satisfaction Levels, Value of Consultants, Client-Consultant Relationship


Decision-makers tend to view consulting projects in a positive light because that validates their decision to use consultants.
That consultants know what they are doing is an undoubted prerequisite for success across all types of projects, not just people-related ones. The more knowledgeable a consultant has proved to be, the more satisfied the client is.
Communication is another area where the gap between satisfied and unsatisfied clients is greatest.
Among consulting projects that have gone well, it is hard to find a single one that has not involved a joint client-consultant team. Moreover, integration is not just a question of people working together or being based in the same physical location.

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Fiona Czerniawska

Management Consultancies Association UK, Think-Tank Director




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