Management Consulting Boutiques and Global Markets


  • Antonella Negri Clementi



Management Consulting, Management Consulting Boutiques, Global Markets, The Global Strategy Case


Boutique consultancy firms operate in global markets in selected areas in which they hold the strongest competencies - able to provide tailor-made rather than off-the-shelf services in any situation.
Clients aiming to impose far-reaching change, are typical boutique clients. Irrespective of whether these clients are owners or managers, they possess the entrepreneur's attitude and  tools.
The concept of customisation is not new per se or distinctive. A consultancy boutique's distinctiveness lies in the manner in which closeness to the client is expressed, starting with a special multidisciplinary approach which is the result of cross-fertilisation between different skills and experiences.

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Antonella Negri Clementi

Global Strategy, CEO




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