Emerging Issues in Global Management Consulting. The Roland Berger Case


  • Maurizio Panetti




Global Management Consulting, Management Consulting, Outsourcing and Management Consulting, Management Consulting Corporate Values, The Roland Berger Case


Consulting underwent many significant changes which resulted in important and structural modification of the whole business.
In the 1980's consulting was mere advisory for CEOs: the growth of potential users brought to the development of specific competences and approaches, thus creating new competitive positioning and a differentiated range of offers by
industries and practices.
Nowadays significant changes occurred to skills required for global markets. Today companies are required to maintain high growth rates, manage value and be profitable and efficient.
Consulting companies involved in such processes provided clients with ‘body rental’ services to support them in the operation/process reengineering areas as well as in the outsourcing of non core processes.

Author Biography

Maurizio Panetti

Roland Berger Italy, Co-Managing Partner




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