Reverse Logistics and Market-Driven Management


  • Alessandro Gandolfo
  • Roberto Sbrana



Global Markets, Market-Driven Management, Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Direct Supply Chain, Reverse Supply Chain, Closed-Loop Supply


The reverse logistics applies to the flow of products and materials in the opposite direction to direct logistics, from the market to the production sites or the specialised centres, where they are sent to be appropriately treated.
The growing attention to reverse logistics is explained primarily by the need to comply with regulations on environmental protection, given the intensified competition caused by rising costs of energy and raw materials, the truly marketdriven companies cannot consider the residual value as solely residual anymore.
In global competition, the management of the products rejected by the market, previously considered a costly activity, that companies had to deal with to avoid negative consequences for the management, is now presenting unexpected opportunities.

Author Biographies

Alessandro Gandolfo

Associate Professor of Management, University of Pisa

Roberto Sbrana

Full Professor of Management, University of Pisa




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Gandolfo, A., & Sbrana, R. (2008). Reverse Logistics and Market-Driven Management. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 28–40.