Market-Driven Management, Competitive Customer Value and Global Networks


  • Silvio M. Brondoni



Market-Driven Management, Global Competition, Global Managerial Economics, Brand Equity, Information System, Corporate Culture


Market-Driven Management is a corporate strategy that presupposes direct, continuous benchmarking with competitors, in a context of customer value management. Market-driven management therefore favours an ‘outside-in’ vision, based on: the identification of products with a higher value than that of the competition to provoke the intersection with demand (‘Before and Better than Competitors’). In global over-supplied markets, a firm’s success is conditioned rather by the intensity of the presence and by the level of sophistication of intangible corporate asset; in other words, the peculiar managerial capabilities that regard brand equity, information system and corporate culture.

Author Biography

Silvio M. Brondoni

Full Professor of Management, University of Milan-Bicocca




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Brondoni, S. M. (2009). Market-Driven Management, Competitive Customer Value and Global Networks. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 8–25.