From Brand Management to Global Business Management in Market-Driven Companies


  • Emilio Zito



Globalisation, Market-Driven Management, Market-Driven Companies, Global Companies, Global Business Management, Brand Management, Product Management


Over the past several years, the most competitive mass-market companies (automobile, high-tech, consumer and retail, etc.) have been experiencing a new strategic approach around the concept of Market-Driven strategy, as opposed to a pure marketing-focused approach known as Customer-Driven strategy. A fast-moving, mass-market global company would likely have a precise performance measurement system in place with broad performance indicators based on: project economics, ratios analysis (ROI, inventory turnover, etc.), risk
management, shareholders’ value analysis, synergies forecasts (economies of scale, scope, learning, etc.), market share, customer and retailer satisfaction. Therefore, the management structure will be focused on brand and product
global strategies involving a new type of operational manager: the global business manager.

Author Biography

Emilio Zito

Merger and Acquisition Manager, EDF - Electricité de France, Paris




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