Business Network Dynamics and Diffusion of Innovation


  • Alison Rieple
  • Marco Pironti
  • Paola Pisano



Business Network, Global Markets, Innovation, Diffusion of Innovation, 3-D Printing


In global markets, organizations can use 3-D printing technology to decrease the uncertainty brought by technological innovation. Through a qualitative analysis of seven case studies, the authors have identified a new business network type - defined as beta-network - characterized by a flat horizontal shape structured with a multitude of actors and weak ties. In the short term the beta-network co-exists with the incumbent network defined by a more vertical structure, fewer actors and stronger ties, while in the long term they can co-evolve in an emerging integrated network.

Author Biographies

Alison Rieple

Professor of Strategic Management, Westminster University

Marco Pironti

Associate Professor of Management, University of Turin

Paola Pisano

Assistant Professor of Management and Innovation, University of Turin




How to Cite

Rieple, A., Pironti, M., & Pisano, P. (2012). Business Network Dynamics and Diffusion of Innovation. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 13–25.