Systemic Design: How to Compete by Leveraging the Value System


  • Fabrizio Mosca
  • Paolo Tamborrini
  • Cecilia Casalegno



Global Competition, Innovation, Systemic Design, Coffee Market, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Model, Blue Economy


Sustainability interfaces with the economy through the social and ecological
consequences of economic activities. Furthermore, the culture of food lends
strategic value to the food system with its economic, social, cultural, and
environmental implications. Systemic Design (SD) designs material and energy
flows, investigating positive changes in productive processes and activating a new
economic model based on open industrial cycles. Firms can build new and strong
competitive advantages for themselves and for the territory in which they operate,
and this result can be achieved going beyond environmental concerns
(environmental responsibility).




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Mosca, F., Tamborrini, P., & Casalegno, C. (2015). Systemic Design: How to Compete by Leveraging the Value System. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 42–56.