Born to be Global: The YouCan Group Case


  • Sara Roversi



Start-Up, Ecosystem, Born Global, Food Business, Global Markets


2003 was the year we decided to really get involved in the game. We were driven by the curiosity to understand the world and everything that revolves around it, transferring and enhancing it with an entrepreneurial approach in contexts that our company, You Can Group (founded by Sara Roversi and Andrea Magelli), has been exploring throughout these exploration years. Today, You Can Group is many things; an incubator for ideas and projects that has naturally evolved in an organic way and continues to evolve each day; a creative workshop in which format, events and concepts come to life with different characteristics and missions; an entrepreneurship workshop where participants can learn a trade and give birth to their own start-ups, thanks to a dependable network of seasoned individuals with years of experience, and the creation of know-how in constant evolution that encourages the mindset of sharing and growth. This is a family of companies with about 20 businesses and over two hundred employees.


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