Sustainable Development and Environmental Sustainability in Large-Scale Retailers


  • Sabina Riboldazzi



Large-Scale Retailers, Environmental Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Global Markets


Mounting pressures from society demanding higher standards in business ethics, along with a growing number of consumers and several other market players sensitive to issues concerning corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, have encouraged the adoption of new behaviors by those large-scale retailers seeking to achieve positive business results through economic effectiveness and efficiency while respecting human rights, social balance, and the environment. The present study, through in-depth analysis of business practices of major domestic large-scale retailers, aims to assess, in the context of economic, social, and environmental responsibilities, the various initiatives developed by such retailers with respect to environmental protection.




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Riboldazzi, S. (2018). Sustainable Development and Environmental Sustainability in Large-Scale Retailers. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 127–138.