Some Notes on the Impacts of Covid-19 on Italian SME Productive Systems


This paper presents some concepts and reflections on the prospects of SME productive systems that try to cope with the crisis provoked by the Covid-19, to reposition for the post-emergency, and to increase the readiness towards impending digital and green challenges. It focuses on the impacts of the emergency on a frame of opportunities and threats for such systems in Italy. An effective and progressive governance would be needed to overthrow barriers to change and reduce systemic uncertainties that hinder productive investments. The governance contemplates the collaboration among various types of societal and business actors open to progressive local path transformations within multi-scalar networks. An effective governance requires a supportive national strategic planning as well. The recovery and resilience plan of the Italian government within Next Generation EU should consider such support to increase the possibility of successful digital and green transformation in SMEs productive systems within new paths of territorial development.


SME Productive Systems; Covid-19 Emergency; Territorial Development; University; Next Generation EU

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