Dear Colleagues, 
I am the Editor-in-Chief of Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, 
the online management journal published by Niccolò Cusano University in 
Rome, Italy ( 
As you may already know, Symphonya is listed in many international 
indexes and especially in the ABS ranking system (see the Academic 
Journal Guide 2018 &2021 by Chartered ABS, which include Symphonya. 
Emerging Issues in Management in the ETHICS-CSR-MAN field). 
With Professor R.E. Freeman –and many others Friends and Colleagues–, 
I am organizing a workshop entitled
"Ethics in Research: A New Global Perspective",
which will be held in person on Thursday 27th October 2022 
in Rome at the Unicusano University and proposed online via the 
Unicusano platform. Please, see here the programme of the event. 
This workshop builds on Ed Freeman's vision, outlined in his Editorial 
of the Journal of Business Ethics, dated 7th January 2021: "The pressure 
today to publish in top journals can easily become an impossible task 
and even an unhealthy one. We need to use our moral imaginations to 
create new ways to produce and disseminate what we do. Academic journals 
have a long history, but they are not terribly innovative. I believe 
that we are poised to create ways for scholars to be even more effective 
and my hope is that business ethics scholars will lead the way". 
I do share the view that the academic community should be concerned 
about the increasing pressure on young researchers to publish in 
academic journals. 
This workshop is by invitation only. I would encourage you to join the 
workshop, by returning the form to
Participation is free of charge. Symphonya will confirm your 
registration and indicate the modality of your participation either in 
person or on-line. 
Looking forward to your active participation in the workshop, 
Silvio M. Brondoni 

Full Professor of Market-driven Management 
Niccolò Cusano University-Rome 
Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management