Virtual Cultural Experiences: the Drivers of Satisfaction


  • Nicola Bellini Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa
  • Massimo Bergamasco
  • Rémi Brehonnet
  • Marcello Carrozzino
  • Joëlle Lagier



Cultural Experience, Virtual Environment, Immersion, Social Interaction


This article presents the results of an interdisciplinary research work on the emergence and impact of virtual technologies on the valorization of cultural experience. After reviewing the literature on immersive museography and the concepts of immersion, interaction and social interaction within a cultural experience, we focus our analysis on the drivers of the users’ satisfaction through a three-step research path. Firstly, we realized a preliminary qualitative overview of users’ reactions to virtual environments in a series of selected cultural experiences. Secondly, we designed a model focusing on immersion and social interaction as the two potentially critical drivers of satisfaction. Thirdly, we realized a quantitative study of a project concerning an intangible cultural asset. The results of this study give evidence to the link between immersion and emotion and emphasize the essential mediating role of social interaction. These conclusions are consistent with present technological and market trends, concerning the integration of virtual reality and social networks.




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Bellini, N., Bergamasco, M., Brehonnet, R., Carrozzino, M., & Lagier, J. (2018). Virtual Cultural Experiences: the Drivers of Satisfaction. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 52–65.