Corporate Global Responsibility and Reputation Risk Management


  • Raffaella Cassano



Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Reputation, Stakeholder View, Reputation Risk, Risk Management, Multi-Stakeholder, Global Markets


The increasing attention placed by corporations on sustainable development due to the growing importance attributed to this issue by institutions at an international level, leads to a reconsideration of the concept of the global responsibility of companies as a pre-requisite for effective multi-stakeholder relationships. All levels of responsibility are taken into consideration within this broad spectrum: legal, social, economic and environmental, leading to a more integrated approach to management of reputation risk.  This study is a theoretical reflection on the relationship between the interests of stakeholders, the extent of corporate responsibility and management of reputation risk.




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Cassano, R. (2019). Corporate Global Responsibility and Reputation Risk Management. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 129–142.