CSR Communication: The Use of Internet-Based Tools


  • Alessia D'Andrea
  • Lucia Pizzichini
  • Stefano Marasca
  • Gian Luca Gregori




CSR Communication, Digital Tools, Social Network Channels, Stakeholder Engagement, DJSI Listed Companies, Global Markets.


Corporate communication plays an important role in establishing and maintaining transparent and open dialogues with different stakeholders to foster ethical and socially responsible actions. The advent of the internet not only reorganized the way in which companies collect information, but also redefined stakeholders’ expectations. This paper investigates the potential of internet-based communication tools to disclose CSR topics. The study analyses the extent to which the Dow Jones Sustainability Index companies are using the internet-based tools to foster one-way and two-way communications and, so, to develop a dialogue with stakeholders. The research suggests a prevalence of one-way communication through internet-based tools but, at the same time, a large dissemination of social network channels.




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D’Andrea, A., Pizzichini, L., Marasca, S., & Gregori, G. L. (2019). CSR Communication: The Use of Internet-Based Tools. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 38–59. https://doi.org/10.4468/2019.2.05dandrea.pizzichini.marasca.gregori