Ouverture de ‘The New European Industrial Strategy: Companies and Territories’


  • Silvio M. Brondoni
  • Riccardo Cappellin
  • Enrico Ciciotti




Industrial Strategy, Investments, Innovation, New Productions, Citizen’s Needs, Environment, University, NGEU, Territories, COVID-19, European Union, Global Competition, Global Markets


Europe needs an investment, employment and innovation strategy for new productions driven by the new needs of European citizens. The economic recession of Covid 19 is determined by a collapse in aggregate demand and requires the relaunch of public but also private investments that increase production capacity and diversification towards the new productions required by the needs of European citizens. The increase or the fall of the final demand for private consumption and investments tightly interact with the innovation and investments plans of the companies, with employment changes and with the impact on the natural and physical environment and on the citizen’s quality of life. The international decline of Europe, especially of the Southern Eurozone, relate to a high loss of competiveness, which results from the absence of a common industrial policy, and, on the other side, from the growth of global firms.  To address the new problems arising from the structural growth crisis that has characterized European countries in recent years, aggravated by the advent of the recent pandemic, however, a radical change in perspective is needed, giving the territory a new role.




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Brondoni, S. M., Cappellin, R., & Ciciotti, E. (2020). Ouverture de ‘The New European Industrial Strategy: Companies and Territories’. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 1–6. https://doi.org/10.4468/2020.2.01ouverture