A New Territorial-Industrial Policy after the Covid 19 Crisis


The purpose of this work is to outline a new industrial-territorial policy by taking
into account the emerging socio-economic scenarios after the Covid 19 and the crisis
of UE and the inadequacy of the traditional policy, which characterized pre-Covid
Starting from this analysis, a new policy is proposed focused on: orientation to the
internal market and to the new needs of citizens in sectors / lead markets (housing,
culture and leisure, health and care, energy and environment, mobility and
logistics;); integrated strategic planning according to the logic of quadruple (local
institutions, companies, universities and research, civil society); systemic innovation,
open and focused on users: by passing from a production of goods and services led
by experts according to a top-down model, with different forms and levels of co-
production with consumers, customers and citizens; a governance based bottom-
correct and centrally integrated model. Specific attention is devoted to sustainability
of development according to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda
2030. Finally, the role played by individual actors is analyzed.


Industrial Policy; Covid 19; Global Competitiveness; Sustainable Development

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