Local Development Policies: Challenges for Post-COVID-19 Recovering in Spain


  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Cohard
  • Juan José Juste-Carrión
  • Antonio Vásquez-Barquero




Endogenous Development, Local Development Policies, COVID-19


Territorial development policies facilitate productive diversification and job creation in rural and urban regions, where local actors manage and market local products. Thus, the connection of localities through urban and entrepreneurial networks helps the firms’ interaction and the development of agrarian, industrial and service products for selling in national and international markets.  The creation of polycentric territories through new communication systems facilitate the towns and regions accessibility. Therefore, bottom-up policies and cooperation in times of post-COVID-19 recuperation reduces poverty and helps fight against inequality, permitting future territorial and social development.


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Rodríguez-Cohard, J. C., Juste-Carrión, J. J., & Vásquez-Barquero, A. (2020). Local Development Policies: Challenges for Post-COVID-19 Recovering in Spain. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 41–54. https://doi.org/10.4468/2020.2.05rodriguez.juste.vazquez