Ouverture de ‘The New European Industrial Strategy: Institutions and Governance’


Since the financial and economic global crisis of 2007-2008, western industrialized countries experienced a return to stronger state interventions in the business, which are considered as the most important answer to the new rules of global competition and oversize economy. After forty years of tendencies towards the second way of seeing the function of the State in the economy, both the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the pandemic of 2020 have rediscovered the thaumaturgical value of the Keynesian approach, which is adopted in all Western countries, with impressive support plans for the real economy. The transition period towards a great structural change through the new European strategy based on developmental industrial policies needs a complex and multilevel European governance, based on the construction of a coherent inter-institutional governance of the public governmental filière. In particular, regions and cities can compete in global markets for attracting investments, tourists or residents through appropriate place marketing policies.


European Industrial Strategy; European Territorial Strategy; Institutions; Governance; State; Market; Territory; Global Markets

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