Non-Chrematistic Indicators and Growth in the Balearic Islands


  • Carles Manera
  • José Pérez-Montiel
  • Ferran Navinés



Balearic Islands, Economic Growth, Consumption of Natural Resources, Tourism, Panel Cointegration, Global Tourism, Global Markets


We analyze the economic evolution of a Spanish province that has become a leading region in mass tourism: The Balearic Islands. Environmental data are provided, which complement conventional macroeconomic variables. We analyze the relationship between economic activity and the consumption of natural resources in the Balearic Islands during the period 2000-2017. We find two clear patterns, one before the Global Crisis, and another one after it. We state that the Balearic economic model has become more sustainable since 2008. It implies that public policies, together with own households’ and enterprises’ initiatives in terms of changing production and consumption patterns have paid off and should be continued and deepened.




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Manera, C., Pérez-Montiel, J., & Navinés, F. (2021). Non-Chrematistic Indicators and Growth in the Balearic Islands. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 85–99.