Covid-19: Prospering Industries & Oversize Management


  • Silvio M. Brondoni



Greece’s Economic Crisis, New Drivers of Capitalism, COVID-19, Industries Prospering in the Pandemic, Global Markets, Oversize Management, Ali Baba Group, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Jiangsu Hengrui, The Coca-Cola Company, Chinese Economy, Global Competition


With COVID-19, many businesses have failed, while other industries and corporations have seen profits increase, and are likely to continue to do so post-pandemic, in line with the trend of the oversize economy.

Coronavirus 2019 has caused a major economic shock, in addition to its tremendous impact on global health, pushing the biggest corporations towards an outburst of the new, basic drivers of global capitalism (Health; Energy; Food; Communication). That is, the pillars of global competition that start from an oversize management in order to fix the competitive landscapes of large corporations.




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