Omnichannelling and the Predominance of Big Retailers in the post-Covid Era


  • Fabio Fortuna
  • Mario Risso
  • Fabio Musso



Omnichannel, COVID19, Digital Transformation, Physical and Online Stores, Inditex, Zara, Supply Chain, Consumer Behaviour, Retail, Global Markets


The Covid 19 pandemic has profoundly affected the competitive context of retail companies. Multiple changes have occurred both in consumer behaviour, in retail strategy and marketing channels. In particular, the pandemic has accelerated the use of digital technology in the processes of physical purchase and distribution of retail products, favouring new forms of integration between physical and online channels (so-called omnichannelling). Many brick&mortar stores have closed down, others have modified their original logistic functions in favor of the new digital integrated ones, with a smaller number of point of sales assuming the connotation of flagship stores with greater force. Some cases confirm the acceleration that took place towards the integration and redefinition of the roles of physical and online channels. The biggest retailers empower their predominance in the global markets. Smaller operators could renew their role by shaping new forms of collaboration to survive.




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Fortuna, F., Risso, M., & Musso, F. (2021). Omnichannelling and the Predominance of Big Retailers in the post-Covid Era. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 142–157.