Sustainability and Resilience Assessment in the Pandemic Emergency


  • Gabriella Arcese
  • Marzia Traverso



Sustainability, Resilience, Crisis, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, Covid-19, Global Markets


The coronavirus pandemic has affected all production and service sectors. The crisis has led to the increased awareness of the fragility and vulnerability of our societies and our lifestyles. The speed at which it spreads has led first to a change of our behavior and our way of life but at the same time, it has also changed the way we consider our buildings and how we live in them. Considering the new visions aimed at sharing spaces, such as those of work with the coworking spaces or frontal lessons in the classroom, they must now be rethought. In tourism and catering, relations with customers are reviewed and public transport is radically rethought. In this context, the concept of resilience plays a key role. How resistant are we and our environment to crises like COVID-19? What is the significance of resilience in sustainability? Is there a link between the assessment of resilience and life cycle assessment? In this paper is represented a general framework to connect resilience and sustainability assessments.




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Arcese, G., & Traverso, M. (2021). Sustainability and Resilience Assessment in the Pandemic Emergency. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 99–117.