Sustainable Business Model Innovation: From Value Uncaptured to Value Opportunities


  • Francesca Gennari University of Brescia



Sustainability, Business Model Innovation, Sustainable Business Model (SBM), Value Uncaptured, Multi-Stakeholder View


COVID-19 pandemic crisis threatened the stability of economy and the survival of many firms, but it has been also the chance to challenge the current economic development path and to rethink firms’ business models according to a more sustainable approach. Academic literature states that business model (BM)  innovation is a driver for the transition to sustainability. Sustainable business models (SBMs) incorporate sustainability vision in the main components of business model, which are value proposition, value creation and value capturing. Nevertheless, the usual approach to business models, based on a positive concept of value, can underestimate some areas of potential opportunities to catch. For this reason, in this paper we suggest to adopt a novelty approach that emphasizes the negative concept of value (value uncaptured) to identify unexploited value opportunities. This approach can help firms innovating their BMs towards SBMs.   




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Gennari, F. (2022). Sustainable Business Model Innovation: From Value Uncaptured to Value Opportunities. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 27–46.