Global Automakers. CSR Reporting and Targeted Stakeholders 2018-2020


  • Edward Vieira Simmons University
  • Yulong Li
  • Anthony Scotina



CSR Reporting; Automobile, Pre-COVID-19, Post-COVID-19, CSR Disclosure, Global Automobile Industry, Stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global Markets


This paper deployed a network-based computational content analysis approach to uncover the major themes and targeted stakeholder groups presented in the top leadership’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports’ introductory letters for eleven major global vehicle manufacturers for the period 2018-2020. Themes were based on the 3Ps of sustainability (people, planet, and profit), basic busi­ness practices (economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic) in the context of CSR, time orientation of the themes whether short- or long- term, and identified target­ed stakeholder groups. This study is unique in that the extant literature reveals no research examining CSR disclosure in the automobile industry from both a sus­tainable goal-directed and practices perspective incorporating potential influenc­es of the COVID-19 pandemic. Results revealed that some vehicle manufacturers focused on investor and economic activities while others communicated a general social responsibility message. During 2020, greater emphasis was placed on in­vestors and somewhat less on society in general. Findings suggest the need for a more balanced representation geared toward addressing pandemic and post-pan­demic challenges as well as traditional automotive manufacturing considerations.



31-07-2022 — Updated on 01-08-2022

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Vieira, E., Li, Y., & Scotina, A. (2022). Global Automakers. CSR Reporting and Targeted Stakeholders 2018-2020 . Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 92–119.