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Russian-Ukrainian War, Innovation, Creative Imitation & Sustainable Development


  • Silvio M. Brondoni



Russian-Ukrainian War, Sustainability, Network Globalisation, Global Capitalism, Innovation, Global Markets, Creative Imitation


The Russian-Ukrainian war shows a rapidly (and a long-term, probably) worsen­ing outlook for the world economy, that will change specifically the European sus­tainable development. In addition to COVID-19’s tremendous impact on global economies, the Rus­sian-Ukrainian war is producing a new major economic shock, pushing the biggest global corporations towards an outburst of the basic drivers of global capitalism: Health; Energy; Food; Communication. In the current state of play of market globalisation (Network Globalisation), a com­pany’s profit and development objectives are induced to target R&D spending on innovation policies in which the boundaries between imitation and innovation are fluid, and anyway dominated by shortage management policies.




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