Human-Machine Interaction and AI for Competitive Business in the Digital Era


  • Emanuela Delbufalo Università Europea
  • Mirko Di Bernardo Niccolò Cusano University
  • Mario Risso Niccolò Cusano University - Rome



Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Centric Approach, Decision Making, Business Model, Organization


Digital innovation prompts reflection on the rationalization of business processes. Businesses are less restricted to organizational boundaries and increasingly linked to the technological evolution and the global economic and social context. Intelligent transformation supported by technological development requires a redefinition of business models and the roles assigned to artificial and human intelligence. The competitiveness of companies is the result of sustainable strategies and policies, striking the right balance between human and artificial intelligence. The study of human-machine interaction in decision-making processes appears to be crucial to the future of economic organizations, and thus should be extended beyond the bounds of techno-centric approaches. Mechanical thinking is left to the machines, while the human must be given the space and time to ensure creativity capable of creating value.




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Delbufalo, E., Di Bernardo, M., & Risso, M. (2022). Human-Machine Interaction and AI for Competitive Business in the Digital Era. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 134–143.