Sustainability in the Workplace: A Global Concern


  • Luisa Bosetti University of Brescia



Sustainability, Health and Safety in the Workplace, Risks, Global Competition, 2030 Agenda, Circular Economy, Digitalization, Climate Change


Health and safety in the workplace should be an integral part of any sustainable organization, regardless of its size, sector and geographical sphere of operations.

 To ensure and maintain a healthy and safe work environment, companies should constantly identify and prevent all factors that could provoke work-related injuries and diseases. In particular, in today’s rapidly changing context, companies should carefully consider not only the traditional risks to the employees’ health and safety, but also the emerging ones associated with the ecological transition, the increasing digitalization of business processes, and the impact of climate change on working conditions.

Adopting a theoretical approach, this study aims at explaining the relationship between occupational health and safety and corporate sustainable success.




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