Competitive Shortage Management, Global Markets & Sustainable Development Goals


  • Silvio M. Brondoni Editor-in -Chief Symphonya.Emerging Issues in Management



Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, Competitive Shortage Management, Global Shortage Management, Russian-Ukrainian War, Network Globalisation, Global Markets


Traditionally, competitiveness is mainly described in terms of costs. In effect, costs are a strategic issue for businesses to survive and stand out. The deployment of profit costs is becoming strategically important to be sustainable and competitive in the global markets.
In today’s scenario of global ‘hypercompetition’, one of the most important changes in industrial organisation is the transition from multinational corporations (MNCs) to global networks. In a global market-space, the corporate responsibility is thus as a sense of the corporation’s consciousness towards hypothetical consequences of its planned actions (in domestic/international markets) in view on organisation’s long-term vitality.




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