Sustainable Practice in an SME. The Case of OMB Saleri


  • Stefano Zane



Sustainability, SME, OMB Saleri spa


Sustainability may appear to be the exclusive territory of larger businesses. By analysing the case of an SME we can get a better understanding of the essence of what sustainability means and its profound links to an organisation’s business idea and the essence of its corporate values.
The corporate vision should be an integral part of the corporate culture, an asset of the business, and as such shared by the entire organisation. In this article we analyse the case of OMB Saleri spa, a company from Brescia (Italy) with 40 years of history behind it, operating in the sector of gas valves (for LPG, natural gas and hydrogen) 45 million of revenue and 220 employees starting with the entrepreneur himself (Paride Saleri) and his business concept.




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Zane, S. (2022). Sustainable Practice in an SME. The Case of OMB Saleri. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 96–101.