Global Automobile Manufacturers Mission Statements and CSR Letters


  • Yulong Li Simmons University
  • Edward T. Vieira, Jr. Simmons University School of Business
  • Spela Trefalt Simmons University School of Business



Global Automobile Manufactures, Text Network Analysis, Mission Statements, CSR Reporting, COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Competition, Global Markets


This study takes the triple bottom-line perspective to compare the communications of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in some of world’s top automakers’ mission statements and the CEO’s introductory letters to annual CSR reports before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Content analysis based on Text Network Analysis (TNA) approach was deployed to examine the central messages and sub-themes of these documents based on CSR goals, time-orientation, and stakeholder groups, and then statistically compared within and among companies. Results reveal that Automakers’ mission statements collectively emphasized profit and customers, whereas CSR letters prioritized planet, people, and general society. As the pandemic progressed, the emphasis on people increased, indicating that organizations shifted their CSR focus towards supporting employees and local communities. However, the attention to profit and planet goals remained constant during the studied period.




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Li, Y., Vieira, Jr. , E. T., & Trefalt, S. (2023). Global Automobile Manufacturers Mission Statements and CSR Letters. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 32–53.