From Cornering to Virtual Cornering


  • Andrea Francesco Martinelli



Virtual Cornering, Cornering, Range, Off-Range, Demand Bubbles, Strategic Marketing, Global Markets


Cornering consists in the assignment of a physical selling space to a producer by a retailer.
Therefore, traditional cornering has the objective of trengthening the value proposition of distribution and industry in the final buyer’s mind enhancing the value for the customer by a combination of the efforts inside the physical space.
Traditional cornering is characterised by distinctive specific advantages for the manufacturing companies and for the retailers.
Virtual cornering overcomes the restraints imposed by the physical space of the competition. The ideal environment for virtual cornering is linked to range and off-range products, and to demand bubbles.

Author Biography

Andrea Francesco Martinelli

Chairman of Metro Cash & Carry Italia Spa




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Martinelli, A. F. (2003). From Cornering to Virtual Cornering. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 82–86.