Changing Identities. From DiverseyLever to JohnsonDiversey: a Case of Cultural Integration


  • Liberato Angellotti
  • Luciano Cerrone
  • Claudia Piccardo
  • Giuseppe Varchetta



Corporate Culture, Management, Global Competition, Cultural Integration, Merger and Acquisition, The DiverseyLever Merger


The Diversey acquisition from the Unilever group was official the 1st April 1996.
The final aim of this operation consisted in a merger between the new acquired company and Industrial Lever to create a new world leader reality in the industrial cleaning field.
An acquisition process is in every case a complex event that generates a wide relational phenomenology. Two companies that work as competitors in a national market, through a ‘far’ decision of acquisition, a result of global strategies, have
to start a strategic-organisational process of merger.
All the acquisition and merger processes find the existence of a cultural problematic, that is linked to the identity processes of the implicated collective subjects.

Author Biographies

Liberato Angellotti

Management Consultant

Luciano Cerrone

Human Resource Manager, JohnsonDiversey Italia Spa

Claudia Piccardo

Full Professor of Organizational Psychology, University of Turin

Giuseppe Varchetta

Psychosocioanalyst, Management Consultant, Professor of Adults Education, University of




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Angellotti, L., Cerrone, L., Piccardo, C., & Varchetta, G. (2002). Changing Identities. From DiverseyLever to JohnsonDiversey: a Case of Cultural Integration. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 69–84.