Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in International Relations


  • Clara Caselli



Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Governance, Business Networks, International Institutions, Fair Trade, Globalisation


The ethics of international relations must not be limited to airing principles on the nature of international trade. It must engage all the multifarious manifestations of the globalization process, therein identifying innovative means to handle
relations in addition to devising an overall development strategy for Third World countries (including all the aspects related to reforms, production innovations, technology transfer and the re-conversion of sectors). Fair relations on a worldwide basis will generate connections between different value production systems, and draw them into a global network where material and intangible/cultural elements merge in order to produce a flow of international relations. The content of these relations will not be merely economic but will favor
people and cultures meeting.

Author Biography

Clara Caselli

Full Professor of Management, University of Genoa




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Caselli, C. (2003). Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in International Relations. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 31–43.