Corporate Governance and Global Responsibility


  • Daniela M. Salvioni



Corporate Governance, Sustainable Growth, Internal Control, Stakeholder Relation


The application of proper governance principles demands a clear focus on sustainable growth as the basis for risk minimization in order to ensure long-term company success. In other words, a company’s effectiveness implies the assumption of a global responsibility concept based on strict compliance with the law, the creation of constructive relationships with all of society and respect for the environment. Of course, this does not mean losing sight of the importance of creating value and adequately compensating risk capital providers. Instead, it means emphasizing the interdependence of corporate image, results (whether financial or otherwise), operating transparency and the obtaining of broad approval and resources.

Author Biography

Daniela M. Salvioni

Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Brescia




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Salvioni, D. M. (2003). Corporate Governance and Global Responsibility. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 44–54.