Social Responsibility in Supply Chain. The Coop Italia Case


  • Vincenzo Tassinari



Supply Chain, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Socio-Economic Development, Global Markets, The Coop Italia Case


An objective weak point in the globalization process is the traditional system of States: once we had the scheme ‘one State-one market’, today it is ‘more Statesone market’.
Today, large-scale retailers, and industrial companies in general, cannot ignore the impacts generated by their activity, whether direct or indirect. The ‘new way of thinking’ they can adopt is an internal change that must always respond to market and business logics, but that can and must interact with the other actors of society for the most complex processes.
In this context, Coop stands as a point of reference for Italy ‘Country system’, both for the historical role of service of Consumer Cooperation and the economic role on the national market.

Author Biography

Vincenzo Tassinari

Coop Italia, President




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Tassinari, V. (2003). Social Responsibility in Supply Chain. The Coop Italia Case. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 72–83.