Ouverture de ‘Marketing Research and Global Markets’


Global markets express a new vision of market research and of marketing research, consistent with the information needs of complex organisations (generally network-based) working with several decision-making points (characterised by high-level delegations and responsibilities) and with very brief action-reaction times. Marketing research and market research represent two distinct information support domains for corporate management, with well-defined theoretical and practical limits. Market research concerns, on the one hand, uncontrollable environmental phenomena (such as demographic and social composition and trends). On the other, it regards influenceable environmental phenomena (e.g. overall product consumption trends, degree of competition, distribution channels, etc.). On the contrary, marketing research tends to develop when increased competition obliges a company to perform analysis of market opportunities and threats. In general terms, marketing research can be defined as the systematic collection and analysis of relevant quantitative and qualitative data and information for a specific marketing situation that a company must face for product, price, place and promotion.


Marketing Research; Market Research; Global Markets; Global Competition; Price Competition; Economies of Scarcity; Push/Pull Policy; Dynamically-Balanced Markets; Shelf Policies; Over-Supply; Producer Shelf Policies; Retailer Shelf Policies

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