Global Markets, Leadership and Public Governance


  • Gianfranco Rebora



Public Governance, Leadership, Global Capitalism, Global Corporations, Global Markets


The entrepreneurship is a crucial factor, especially in a global competitiveness context. Thus, the companies are not likely to share their strategic, organizational and managerial models, quite the opposite, they commit to produce something unique and inimitable which constitute a winning model’s framework. Being unique and, consequently, kindle emotions and generate positive energy that involve personnel, clients, suppliers has surely a leadership connotation. Naturally, it is possible to find this kind of companies not only in the European context, but also in U.S and Asian emerging markets. Thus, it is necessary for managers to consider cultural, industrial, social and markets diversity, abandoning any kind of uniformity or standardization claim. The managers have to reflect and listen, otherwise it is impossible to take advantage from diversity nor to increase the value of uniqueness.

Author Biography

Gianfranco Rebora

Full Professor of Business Administration, LIUC – Libera Università Carlo Cattaneo




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Rebora, G. (2004). Global Markets, Leadership and Public Governance. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 5–13.