The Complexity of Sport Management: from Mono-Business to Multi-Business


  • Sergio Cherubini



Sport Management, Sponsorship, TV Viewers of Sport Events, Advertising, Merchandising, Stadium Management, Real Estate Management


Sports transformed into an extremely complex phenomenon requiring the ability to manage business areas with different characteristics combining a wide range of aspects: emotional and logical, international and local, professional and amateur, high-tech and high-touch, traditional and new, competition and cooperation, shortterm and long-term goals, randomness and planning, confidentiality and visibility. For many years, sport organisation management concentrated on technicalcompetitive aspects, but in global markets technical ability it is not enough to ensure an organisation’s long-term success. Sport organisations have to manage business areas ranging from the box office, season tickets and player trading, to sponsorships, advertising, media content,
merchandising, publishing, player image, real estate, finance, tourism and others.

Author Biography

Sergio Cherubini

Full Professor of Marketing, University of Rome-Tor Vergata




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Cherubini, S. (2004). The Complexity of Sport Management: from Mono-Business to Multi-Business. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 26–46.