Corporate Governance, Management Control and Global Competition


  • Daniela M. Salvioni



Corporate Governance, Management Control, Critical Success Factors, Intangible Assets


Corporate governance is a complex activity evolving in parallel with change within internal and external contexts. In particular, global competition shows how maintaining the conditions for company effectiveness implies: reviewing the corporate governance approach, emphasising relations between governance and management control and developing appropriate skills to adapt to the variables being monitored.
The new outlook companies are up against tends to determine revising important critical factors for company success and changes resources important for the creation and maintenance of positive company/environment relations. More specifically, certain elements are taking shape that - though with different characteristics and importance based on specific company contexts and interaction with the environment – are proving to be dominant success factors. These include: corporate culture; information system; brand equity.

Author Biography

Daniela M. Salvioni

Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Brescia




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Salvioni, D. M. (2005). Corporate Governance, Management Control and Global Competition. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 39–51.