Corporate Governance Report and Stakeholder View


  • Daniela M. Salvioni
  • Luisa Bosetti



Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance Communication, Corporate Governance Report, Stakeholder View, Transparency


The increasing importance recognised to corporate governance, the shift from the dominance of the shareholder view to the prevalence of the stakeholder view, and the
necessity to recover approval on companies’ actions have stressed the opportunity of complete disclosure about corporate governance structures and performances. The research is founded on an international comparison and is finalised to verify: the existence of principles and recommendations concerning the corporate governance communication; the real quality of corporate governance communication published by some companies, operating in the same sector but in different countries; the effort needful to reach a formal and substantial shared model of communication.

Author Biographies

Daniela M. Salvioni

Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Brescia

Luisa Bosetti

Lecturer of Business Administration, University of Brescia




How to Cite

Salvioni, D. M., & Bosetti, L. (2006). Corporate Governance Report and Stakeholder View. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 24–46.