Corporate Communication and Global Markets


The critical role played by intangible assets in corporate competitive development in global markets, has modified the nature of communication costs, and above all the costs of marketing communication. Globalisation has produced deep changes in the function and role of the system of corporate information flows, which is expressed in the adoption of an integrated communication strategy. The gradual integration of global markets tends to eliminate static contexts and to replace them with dynamic and unstable environments, which generate huge changes even in the field of corporate
communication, specifically with regard to the goals pursuable, the forms and instruments usable and obviously the audiences that can be reached. Basically, integrated corporate communication: pursues the development of a culture of integrated communication; sustains the adoption by the organisation of behaviour and the practice of integrated communication; preserves the strong autonomy of the different operating units; and finally, it refers the concrete
realisation of corporate network programmes to individual operating units.


Corporate Communication; Integrated Corporate Communication; Network; Marketing Communication; Global Markets; Communication Costs; Communication Goals; Forms of Communication; Communication Tools

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